Donate Land or Property to our Transitional Living Program

Why donate land or property to charity

Donating land or property to charity is beneficial to everyone involved.

As a donor, your tax deduction is based on the current market value of the land or property that is donated to charity.

As a charity, Fostering Success Foundation will utilize the donated land or property in our mission to serve as many youth who are "Aging Out" of foster care as possible through our Transitional Living Program.

Tax benefits of donating land or property to charity

Charitable real estate donations range from vacant land, industrial property, residential property, land contracts and commercial property. Each provides you, the donor, with very attractive tax deductions. Keep in mind that the tax deduction for your donated real estate is based on current market value.

Please consult with tax and real estate professionals.

For full details on donating land and property to charity visit the IRS website.

Please complete the form to inquire about donating your land or property to Fostering Success Foundation