Our Story

Meet the Team

Leah Martinez-Ortiz headshot

Leah Martinez

CEO | Co-Founder
Monty Ortiz headshot

Monty Ortiz

CFO | Co-Founder

Jennifer Holiman-Miller

Our Mission

Fostering Success Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of foster youth and young adults through encouragement and development of life skills.

How did Fostering Success Foundation come to be?

In 2015 Leah Martinez and Monty Ortiz embarked on their first foster to adopt journey. Jennifer Holiman-Miller guided them through the whole process, from the very first informational class to adoption day. Along the way they learned so much about the shortcomings in the foster care system, not just in Texas but in the United States as a whole.

Along the way Leah and Monty vowed to start a nonprofit organization to help as many kids as possible and they set their sights on the largely overlooked population of older foster youth. They started volunteering and mentoring as time permitted and quickly learned that these kids have dreams and goals just like anyone else. They knew without a doubt that they would do something, the question was, "what could we do to make the most impact?".

Time and time again they got feedback from friends, family and pretty much anyone with an opinion. The overwhelming and sad consensus was that these teenagers were damaged, troubled and bad. They were told that it was too much work and too late for them. Leah and Monty could not disagree more!

Fostering Success Foundation is their dream come to life. Now is the time to get to work.